Portrait C. Arnold Portrait P. Zatul

Claudia Arnold
Direction, since 2008
lic. phil. I, MAS
Graduate of sociology, social psychology and economics
MAS Intercultural Communication
Many years of experience in social research and in the field of gender monitoring

Pema Zatul
Project Team Member since April 2018
BA in Social Sciences
Study of Ethnology and Film Sciences
Experience in campaign work, Film Editor

Portrait I. Vianden Portrait M. Tumiri

Isabelle Vianden
Projektmitarbeiterin seit März 2020
M.A. Ethnologie und Europäischen Ethnologie
CAS in Development and Cooperation
langjährige Erfahrung in der Entwicklungszusammenarbeit
(Fokus Gesundheit/HIV/Aids und Bildung).
Macario Tumiri
lic. phil. I
Graduate of sociology, ethnology and social and economic history
Many years of experience with the media, youth work

The institute employs as contractors intercultural mediators who have a good understanding of both the community of their fellow countrymen and Swiss society.