FISP area of activity, target groups, offers and topics

Migrants from an extremely wide range of countries of origin and with highly diverse migration stories live in Switzerland. The Fachstelle für interkulturelle Suchtprävention und Gesundheitsförderung (FISP) aims to improve both addiction prevention and health promotion for these people and thus to promote integration in this area. This includes providing information, fostering awareness and promoting skills.

Target groups

FISP activities are aimed, on the one hand, at the migrant population, and, on the other hand, at institutions and specialists both with and without a migrant background.


The FISP offers include:

  • Information events in migrant associations and organisations, meeting places and centres, religious establishments, schools (e.g. parents’ evenings) and at other institutions; events are held in various languages
  • Further training of intercultural mediators in various areas relating to addiction prevention and health promotion
  • The publication of written information and PR work (articles, radio programmes) in various languages
  • Support with addiction-related issues is given in various languages by means of own projects and the provision of specialists and information sources – both for the migrant population and for institutions and specialists with and without a migration background
  • The new and further development of projects in collaboration with migrant organisations and/or specialist information centres, particularly those operating in the field of addiction prevention


In the field of addiction prevention, FISP is active in the following areas in particular:

  • General parenting skills: primary prevention – information and tips for parents of both younger and older children
  • Alcohol
  • Internet
  • Medication
  • Tobacco

In the field of health, FISP deals with the following topics:

  • Information about the Swiss health system based on the Health Guide Switzerland
  • Nutrition and physical activity in general
  • Information for parents: nutrition and physical activity for children

In order to fulfil these tasks, FISP works with migrant organisations, intercultural mediators and institutions active in the fields of education, health, social affairs, migration and integration.