Health promotion

The FISP offer in the field of health promotion currently comprises three projects:

ZüMEB project

Information about nutrition and physical activity for children up to primary school age

The Zürcher Migrationsprojekt für Ernährung und Bewegung (ZüMEB) aims to raise awareness amongst the migrant population about healthy nutrition and the effect of physical activity on a healthy body weight for children. A particular focus is on communicating information to parents of children of pre-school and primary school age. The project is performed as part of the cantonal action programme "Leichter leben – gesundes Körpergewicht im Kanton Zürich

ZüMPG project

Information on the mental health of children and adolescents

The Zurich Migration Project for Strengthening the Mental Health of Children and Adolescents (Zürcher Migrationsprojekt zur Stärkung der psychischen Gesundheit bei Kindern und Jugendlichen, ZüMPG) aims to deepen knowledge of mental health issues among migrant children and their parents. The project includes events offering information and discussions in addition to information stands, media reports (print, online portals, podcasts, local radio) and the targeted distribution of relevant material. These activities are intended to raise motivation, awareness and the ability of the migrant population to strengthen the mental health of their family members.

VIA project

Information about the Swiss health system based on the Health Guide Switzerland

VIA are interactive information and awareness-raising events about the Swiss health system and selected topics relating to health promotion for migrants. The information is aimed at increasing the health literacy of participants and thus at improving their position in the health system. The information events are run by trained moderators with a migrant background. VIA flyer