ZüMEB project – Healthy diet and exercise for children

The ZüMEB Zürcher (Migrationsprojekt für gesunde Ernährung und Bewegung) project is designed to inform migrants of the importance of a healthy diet and regular exercise for children’s wellbeing and for them maintaining a healthy weight. The intention is to primarily reach parents of children in the kindergarten and primary school age. The project forms part of the cantonal "Nutrition and exercise" action programme.


FISP provides information and discussion events on the subjects below. Thanks to the information they receive, parents from a migrant background understand the links between nutrition, physical activity and health and are able to encourage the healthy nutrition and physical activity of their children.

The information events are run by trained intercultural mediators, mainly in migrants’ groups or their organisations, usually in the migrants’ mother tongue.


Healthy nutrition for children
The importance of eating and drinking for health, the optimum composition of balanced meals, maximum recommended intake of sugary foods for children, tips on how to make unpopular foods tasty for children, tips on how to make convenience foods "healthier" ideas for cooking healthily and shopping economically.
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Exercise for children
What is the importance of exercise for the health and development of children? How can children be encouraged to get enough exercise? What physical activities are available in the Zurich region?
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Target group and settings
The events are aimed at migrants, especially parents. Possible venues/settings include:
Clubs, associations and informal migrants’ groups, meeting places, integration projects, language schools, meeting centres and educational and social organisations and social institutions.



Physical exercise for children and adolescents
Part 1: Importance of physical exercise for children’s health and development

Part 2: Consequences of lack of exercise and exercise recommendations

Part 3: Exercise tips for children

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Healthy diet for children
Part 1: Why is food so important for the health, development and fitness of adults and especially children? What does healthy food and drink mean?

Part 2: What is important so that children between 4-12 years have a healthy diet? What are healthy morning and afternoon snacks? What can we as parents do so that, over time, children grow to like food that they don’t enjoy?

Part 3: Sugar and fat are hidden in many foods. What does this mean for us and our children? Day-to-day tips and tricks.

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Hidden sugar
Sugar is not only present in sweet things. It is also hidden in lots of other foods. Because people are less and less active, high sugar consumption is leading to an increase in obesity, type 2 diabetes and some types of cancer.

German / Albanian / Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian / English / Italian / Portuguese / Russian / Spanish / Turkish

Children need a lot of exercise, even when the weather is bad
Children need a lot of exercise, even when the weather is bad. Tips for how parents can help their children.

German / Albanian / Turkish

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Keep moving - Fit for life brochure „Keep moving - Fit for life“, in 10 languages
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