ZüMPG project – Mental health of children and young people

The ZüMPG (Zürcher Migrationsprojekt zur Stärkung der psychischen Gesundheit von Kindern und Jugendlichen) hopes to expand migrants’ knowledge about child and parent’s mental health. The project includes information and discussion events, information stands, contributions in a variety of media (such as social media posts, newspaper, online platforms, podcasts and local radio stations) and targeted distribution of materials on this topic. We hope these campaigns will make migrants in the canton of Zurich aware of their family members’ mental health, and encourage and enable them to strengthen it. The project forms part of the cantonal "Mental Health" action programme.


FISP provides information and discussion events on the subjects below. Because of the information they have received, parents with a migrant background know why mental health is important. They are able to improve their children’s mental health and retain their own mental health.

The information events are run by trained intercultural mediators, mainly in migrants’ groups or their organisations, usually in the migrants’ mother tongue.


Strong parents – strong children. Mental health for the family
Having good mental health enables you to cope better with life's challenges. How can parents improve their own mental health? How can they promote their children’s mental health and thus their development?
Learning opportunities for children up to the age of 4
Early learning support is important for a child’s healthy development and to help prevent problems later in life. Which daily learning opportunities can parents and other caregivers offer their children?

Target group and settings
The events are aimed at migrants, especially parents. Possible venues/settings include:
Clubs, associations and informal migrants’ groups, meeting places, integration projects, language schools, meeting centres and educational and social organisations and social institutions.


Strong parents – strong children. Mental health in early childhood
Part 1: What does "mental health" mean?
Importance of mental health for child development.
Tips for improving the mental health of children aged 0-4

Part 2: Tips for difficult situations

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Supporting children Supporting children. Tips for parents of children aged up to 4, in 11 languages
Kleinkinder stärken Helping my child become emotionally strong! Tips for parents with babies and small children up to 4 years of age, in 11 languages
Eltern stärken Staying emotionally strong as a mother or father. Tips for parents-to-be - tips for parents with babies, in 11 languages
Kinder schützen Strengthening competence - Protecting children, in 13 languages