Addiction prevention

FISP’s activities in the field of addiction prevention include the following topics:

Improving life skills and protective factors

When children’s life skills are fostered early on, it has a positive effect on their entire life. What are known as protective factors help children cope with challenges successfully. This includes positive self-esteem and a good sense of self-confidence, as well as the ability to communicate and solve problems.

Digital media (Internet, mobile phone, etc.)

There are many good aspects to the use of the Internet and digital media, but there are also risks. Especially where children and young people are concerned, it is important they do not spend too much time on the Internet, on their mobile phone or playing computer games. FISP helps parents to develop a balanced relationship between "normal" life and the digital world.


Alcohol is a beverage, but it is also dangerous and can cause health and social problems. Alcohol problems can destroy relationships and harm the development of children and young people. Also alcohol, combined with car accidents, can have considerable financial consequences.


It is sometimes important to take medicines for specific problems. But it becomes risky if you take them without medical advice or in excessive quantities. When combined with other substances, such as alcohol, they are also dangerous. It is therefore important that you learn about the risks and use medicines responsibly.


Around 25% of the Swiss population smokes. The nicotine in cigarettes is highly addictive and causes considerable health risks. FISP supports parents in preventing their children from smoking. Smokers are encouraged to stop smoking and are given useful advice on how to do so.