Alcohol is a beverage, but it is also dangerous and can cause many problems. Around 85% of people aged over 15 regularly drink beer, wine, fruit wine or spirits. Approximately every fifth person in Switzerland drinks too much alcohol and harms themselves as a result. Some constantly drink too much, others drink too much in one single setting (binge drinking).
Alcohol problems can destroy relationships and harm the development of children and young people. The family also suffers if someone is addicted to alcohol. It can be very expensive if alcohol is involved in a car accident. Information about these topics is available in podcasts, videos and brochures in various languages.


Children from families with addicts
Part 1: Addiction in the family and the children’s situation. How does a parent’s addiction affect a child’s life? Can parents hide their addiction from their child?

Part 2: How do children react if a parent has a problem with addiction? Do all children behave the same or are there differences?

Part 3: What can parents do if one of them has a problem with addiction? Specific tips for how parents can make this situation at least a little more bearable for the child.
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Regress – put simply
A road accident under the influence of alcohol can quickly become more expensive that you’d think, i.e. when the insurance company reclaims some of the payments from the insured person. See in this video what these kinds of recoveries mean and what consequences it can have.

Regress Grafik


Alcohol self-test to assess your own consumption
German, Albanian, English, Portuguese, Spanish
Alcohol self-test

Friends test: the friends tests are for people who are worried about the alcohol consumption of the people close to them. It tells you whether your fears are founded and what you can do to help.
Friend test for people worried about people aged 31-65:
German, English, Albanian, Portuguese, Spanish
Friends test



Drink or Drive brochure „drink or drive“, in 7 languages
Trinken, Rauchen und Kiffen brochure „Alcohol, tobacco and cannabis“, in 14 languages
Alcohol, Cannabis, Nicotine brochure „Alcohol, Cannabis, Nicotine“, in 14 languages
Alkohol/Medikamente beim Älterwerden brochure „Alcohol as you get older “, in 9 languages/td>


Fachstelle ASN (Am Steuer nie).
Erlebnisorientiert gestaltete Projekte mit dem Ziel der Prävention von Verkehrsunfällen, die massgeblich durch den Konsum von Alkohol, Drogen und/oder Medikamenten am Steuer verursacht werden. Ausserdem weiterführende Informationen (auch zum Thema Medikamente und Fahrsicherheit), Materialien und Promillometer. Die wichtigsten Zielgruppen sind angehende Autofahrer und Neulenker.
Zürcher Fachstelle zur Prävention des Suchtmittelmissbrauchs
Blaues Kreuz Zürich: Prävention, Beratung und Selbsthilfe bei Alkohol- und anderen Suchtproblemen
Für Jugendliche, die mehr über sich und ihren Alkoholkonsum erfahren wollen.
Die Blue Cocktail Bar mixt alkoholfreie Drinks, die wahrhaftig abheben lassen: weil sie lecker aussehen und einfach himmlisch schmecken.