Digital media (Internet, mobile phone, etc.)

There are many good aspects of the Internet and digital media, but there are also risks. Especially where children and young people are concerned, it is important that they do not spend too much time on the Internet, their mobile phone, or computer games.
Parents can learn how to help their children to achieve a balance between "real" life and digital life. FISP offers events, podcasts and brochures in various languages. In this way parents can ensure that their children do not develop a problem using digital media.


FISP provides information and discussion events on the subject below. Due to the information received, parents with a migrant background know what digital media is and the opportunities and risks associated with it. Parents also learn how to identify problematic use of digital media.

The information events are run by trained intercultural mediators, mainly in migrants’ groups or their organisations, usually in the migrants’ mother tongue.

Children and digital media (Internet, mobile phones, TV, games)
Digital media open up both opportunities and risks. How can parents help their children to develop the right approach to dealing with digital media?
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Target group and settings
The events are aimed at migrants, especially parents. Possible venues/settings include:
Clubs, associations and informal migrants’ groups, meeting places, integration projects, language schools, meeting centres and educational and social organisations and social institutions.


Children and digital media
Part 1: What do we mean by digital media? How do boys and girls use the Internet and specifically digital media? What are the opportunities and risks presented by digital media?
Part 2: What do parents need to know with regard to dealing with digital media in the family? What can parents do so that children develop a positive approach to using digital media? How much TV, mobile phone and computer per day is sensible?
Part 3: How can one recognise whether someone has a problem with digital media or is even addicted to it? What can parents do if their child has a problem with media consumption? What can parents do for themselves?
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internet Brochure „The Internet: supporting children and young people.”,
Tips and suggestions for parents of 11 to 16 year olds, in 10 languages.
handy Brochure „TV, tablet and mobile phone
Digital media: Avoiding dependence“
Tips for parents of children up to 10 years old, in 18 languages.


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