Around one in four people in Switzerland smoke. Cigarettes contain nicotine, which is quickly and highly addictive. Smoking is very bad for your health and causes around 9,500 deaths every year. It is difficult to consume tobacco without risk. That's why it is best if you don’t smoke at all.
FISP helps parents to prevent their children from smoking. Smokers are encouraged to stop smoking and are given useful advice on how to do so.


FISP provides information and discussion events on the subject below. Because of the information they receive, parents with a migrant background know that you can quickly become addicted to nicotine. They understand the harm that smoking causes and are given important advice to help their children not to smoke.

The information events are run by trained intercultural mediators, mainly in migrants’ groups or their organisations, usually in the migrants’ mother tongue.

Smoking prevention
What parents can do (whether they are smokers or non-smokers) to help prevent their children from smoking.
rauchende Kinder

Target group and settings
The events are aimed at migrants, especially parents. Possible venues/settings include:
Clubs, associations and informal migrants’ groups, meeting places, integration projects, language schools, meeting centres and educational and social organisations and social institutions.


Non-smoking and smoking in the family
Part 1: Smoking and passive smoking and the health consequences
Part 2: Young people and why they (don’t) start to smoke
Part 3: How parents can help young people not to smoke
rauchen Familie



Make a plan to quit smoking – Tips for getting ready

Remain a non-smoker. Tips for living without smoking



Tobacco self-test to learn more about your own tobacco use.
German, Albanian, English, Portuguese, Turkish

E-cigarette use self-test
In German


Nichtrauchen Brochure "Elterliche Regeln für das Nichtrauchen ihrer Kinder", in 6 languages
Trinken, Rauchen und Kiffen bei Jugendlichen Brochure "Drinking, smoking and cannabis use among young people", in 10 languages
Alcohol, Cannabis, Nicotine Brochure „Alcohol, Cannabis, Nicotine“, in 14 languages


ZFPS – Zürcher Fachstelle zur Prävention des Suchtmittelmissbrauchs. Weiterführende Informationen zum Rauchen/Nichtrauchen
Informationen zum Themenbereich Tabakkonsum und Raucherentwöhnung
Arbeitsgemeinschaft Tabakprävention Schweiz. Informationen, Zahlen und Fakten zum Rauchen/Nichtrauchen
Nationales Online-Programm für Hilfe und Beratung beim Rauchstopp und das Freiwerden von jeglicher Nikotinsucht. In 4 Sprachen
Für Jugendliche, die mehr über sich und ihren Tabakkonsum erfahren wollen.