Portrait C. Arnold Portrait F. Bauer

Claudia Arnold
lic. phil. I, MAS
Graduate of sociology, social psychology and economics
MAS Intercultural Communication
Many years of experience in social research and in the field of gender monitoring

Frank Bauer
Project Collaborator
Social Science graduate
Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) Theory of Teaching and Methodology
Certified Writing Consultant
Many years of experience in social, educational and health research as well as in press and public relations work, teaching posts, adult education

Portrait C. Hafner
Portrait M. Tumiri

Claudia Hafner
Project team member, CRM
Adult educator
MAS Applied History
Graduate of Business Administration HWV
Experience in Communications, Marketing and Adult Education

Macario Tumiri
lic. phil. I
Graduate of sociology, ethnology and social and economic history
Many years of experience with the media, youth work

The institute employs as contractors intercultural mediators who have a good understanding of both the community of their fellow countrymen and Swiss society.